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7 Proven Methods That Help Your Wisdom Tooth Pain

7 Proven Methods That help your wisdom tooth pain
7 Proven Methods That help your wisdom tooth pain

The wisdom tooth is the third molar in your mouth, and its emergence can be painful for some. It erupts from the gums somewhere in the late teens to early twenties and thus got its name as at this age an adolescent turns into an adult. Wisdom teeth are four in number, each at the four corners of two jaws. These are formed at the age of 7-10 years under the gums but pop out late. It hurts sometimes as it exerts pressure on the second molar. It becomes even worse if it has an angular inclination. These all force sometimes us to ask what helps wisdom tooth pain. You can try out some of the home remedies mentioned here to get relief from wisdom tooth pain. If the pain doesn’t settle in 3-4 days then you must plan a best dental clinic visit.

7 Proven Methods On what helps wisdom tooth pain

  1. Gel-based anaesthetic treatment – When you first sense the uneasiness at the end of your jaw, just visit a pharmacy to get your pack of numbing gel. The numbing gel acts as anaesthesia on the area applied. It will affect the painful area by reducing the intensity of pain. Only you have to bear its flavour and have to repeat it a number of times throughout the day as prescribed over the pack.
  1. Cold Compression – Try out a simple though powerful cold compression treatment for wisdom tooth pain. Wrap a chunk of ice in a towel and press it gently on the point of the cheek covering the aching tooth. Do it for at least 15 minutes and repeat after every 3-4 hours. Anyone can try this method as it is completely chemical-free so there is no chance of any side effects. 
  1. Pain Killers – What helps wisdom tooth pain in an emergency is a painkiller. Ibuprofen is often available in schools, colleges, offices, in your own medical box or with a neighbour. So even if you can’t go to the pharmacy due to the pain, search it nearby. This can surely give you relief. Before you plan for the next pill do check with your dental doctor.
  1. Whole clove – Remedy from your own kitchen spice box. Choose a clove bud with its bulbous head intact. Put it over the erupting wisdom tooth and adjust it by closing your mouth so that it remains in contact with the wisdom tooth in pain. Keep it till the pain settles. You can repeat it after 3-4 hours.
  1. Cucumber and lemon remedy – Crazy remedy, does wonders if suits you. Grate a chunk of cucumber, say to get a spoonful of grated cucumber. Now add 3-4 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to it. Mix the two ingredients in a small bowl and place it on the painful wisdom tooth. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and do a cold rinse afterwards. This can be repeated every two hours.
  1. Baking soda – Readily available in your kitchen. A must-have bicarbonate salt and a master of many hacks like cleaning, stain removing, hair wash etc. This is going to give you relief from wisdom tooth pain as well. Mix a pinch of baking soda with a pea-size toothpaste (your regular toothpaste will do) and apply the mixture over the affected area.  You will notice relief in a few minutes. Give your mouth a cold water rinse afterwards.
  1. Alcohol swab – Easy way to disinfect and numb the wisdom tooth. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol, squeeze it a little and place it over the troubling wisdom tooth. You can also squish your mouth with alcohol afterwards. This will give you relief but you are advised to take approval from your parents or guardians. They can decide on this treatment according to your age!

So you know now, what helps wisdom tooth pain! Try these simple tricks to get relief from the pain of wisdom teeth. Wisdom tooth troubles for seven to ten days. If your symptoms don’t settle, you should see your dentist. Sometimes the pain is due to the complex or indifferent anatomy of the wisdom tooth or teeth. When you are in immense, unseen pain, you should always step out to seek medical advice.You can read our other blog on marketinic platfrom on various issues.

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