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6 Useful Tips to Choose Perfect Rakhi for Your Brother


You enjoy a special bond with your brother and want to choose the best possible “Rakhi” for him. However, you tend to get confused about your choice and do not know what to do. Given here are a few tips that you can make use of for choosing the perfect rakhi for brother. Here is a quick look.

Keep in Mind His Age and Style:

The first thing to keep in mind prior to starting your rakhi shopping is the age, preference and style of your brother. For instance, if your brother is just a kid, you should go in for the “rakhis” with interesting cartoon characters on it. Kids like to have their favorite comic characters on “rakhi”.

On the other hand, if your brother is an adult, you can go in for sacred “rakhi” threads or designer rakhis or bracelet rakhis. Before you choose rakhi for your adult brother get to know his favorite color and style.

Get to Know His Secret Desires:

One another way to make sure that the “Rakhi” you buy for brother is loved by him is to find out what type of “rakhi” your brother desires secretly desire. Some people like fancy rakhis with minimalistic designs or a bracelet rakhi while others need designer rakhi or a home-made rakhi with love. If you want to get hold of the perfect rakhi for brother, you need to know his desires.

Different “Rakhis” Have Different Meanings:

Different types of “Rakhis” have different meanings. It is important for you to know what exactly each rakhi means. For instance, a sandalwood rakhi is for a brother who has sensitive skin, who is vulnerable to allergies and who loves mild fragrance; this will be a great choice. Some people buy “Evil Eye Rakhi” to keep away all the evil things away.

Shop from Online Websites:

It is true that “Rakhi shopping” is a tiring job and most of the times people have a hard time in getting the right rakhi. If you want to have a look at a wider selection of “Rakhi” or want to send rakhi abroad, you can have a look at a wide range of rakhi collection that they have and can get the one they like easily. Apart from that, you can also send rakhi to any other nation easily without any hassles.

Go for Customized Rakhis:

A lot of males prefer to go for rakhis with a personalized touch. If your brother is choosy and has a similar view, you can ask about his preferences and book an order for customized rakhi. Whether he wants to get his name on it or your and his picture on rakhi or want any other similar thing, you can just ask him about what he desires and get the similar type of rakhi prepared.

Hand-made Rakhi Are Adorable:

Raksha Bandhan is a festival to strengthen the bond of love between brother and sister. Every brother loves to receive the cute hand-made rakhis by their sister as it makes them feel special. Making Rakhis is easier and does not cost much. So, sisters can go in for hand-made rakhis to make your brother feel special.


In long and short, if your brother is special to you, make him feel loved and cared by presenting him the perfect rakhi in the coming “Raksha Bandhan”. However, if like many others you are also confused about how to choose rakhi for brother, the above given useful tips are for you. A lot of choices are available in the market and you can prefer to make a rakhi by yourself at home to show your feelings.

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