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6 Common Myths about Diabetes Debunked


Diabetes or high blood sugar is a common chronic illness that affects millions of people globally. Deepening upon the situation and severity, the disease can be life-threatening. Let’s know more about diabetes and see how it can cost your overall well-being.

What is diabetes?

Putting it simply, diabetes is the disease in which your liver is either unable to produce or produce a sufficient amount of insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels. In the absence of insulin or even if it’s in a minute amount, your sugar level can spike and can lead to damage to your other organs.

Diabetes isn’t a disease that is only limited to your liver but it also damages your other organs as well. From your eyesight to your kidney, diabetes can take a toll on your overall well being. However, recent research has made it a curable disease.

Diabetes misconceptions challenging treatment

When it comes to the treatment of diabetes we have multiple options but still, we aren’t able to make it happen completely. From misdiagnosis to misconceptions everything comes in the way of diabetes treatment.

Talking about the misdiagnosis, one of my uncles who was diabetic took medication for diabetes 2 while he was suffering from type 1. After years of treatment, it was found only when he was admitted to Ziauddin Hospital Karachi. You can say it took the doctor 2 years to diagnose the problem.

Common diabetes misconception

However, that’s not the biggest challenge. The biggest challenge in diabetes treatment is the misconceptions about the disease that we see doing rounds everywhere. Here are some of those myths that need to be cleared;

1- If you eat sugar you will have diabetes

Just because diabetes is a disease of high sugar levels, it doesn’t mean that sugar will make you diabetic. Eating a lot of sugar can’t cause diabetes alone. There are multiple factors that contribute to the onset of diabetes. Among common diabetes risk factors, your genetics, lifestyle activities, food intake etc., all of these things matter so you can’t blame your sugar consumption.

2- You have to stop sugar intake if you are diabetic

Many people think that after a diabetes diagnosis they won’t be able to eat sweets. Be mindful that a diabetes diagnosis doesn’t take all the sweetness from your life. You can still enjoy anything you like as a dessert but make sure you are not too much of it and ensure your calorie intake is staying regulated.

3- If you are diabetic, you can’t eat carbs

The world of fitness and nutrition is huge and when it comes to carbs, everyone has got to say a word on this. Carbs are considered your enemy if you are diabetic, but is that the case? Well, of course not. Anything eaten in moderation doesn’t make a difference in your fitness and motivation. You can consume different carbs products depending upon your daily calorie schedule.

4- Fruits are not for diabetic

Diabetes is often associated with dietary restriction but that’s not always the right way to label a disease. Whenever there is a talk on diabetes people often consider that diabetics won’t be able to eat fruits. But there is a need to educate people that fruits sugar is a natural sugar and it’s safe for consumption in smaller amounts. However, there is still a need to be careful while consuming the fruits.

5- If you are taking diabetes medication, it allows you to eat anything you want

Medication is meant to cure you, it’s not your license to eat whatever you want to. Many people consider that if you are taking your diabetes medicine you can eat anything you want. But make sure that you don’t that as the medication will only be able to handle a little bit of food you intake not everything you put into your body, told a renowned diabetologist.

6- You will only get diabetes if you are overweight

As said earlier, your diabetes chances depend upon many factors. It not only the weight that can make you develop diabetes but your lifestyle, diet, genetics everything plays a significant role.

Bottom Line!

 Diabetes is a chronic illness that can be managed with healthy lifestyle practices. However, the right way to find the right treatment is by asking for a physician recommendation than self-treating yourself.

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