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5 Underwear Styles Every Man Needs to Have in Their Wardrobe


Women’s undergarments garner a lot of attention. There are numerous articles out there detailing the little things that they need to note while building a sustainable drawer of essential lingerie.

On the contrary, men’s undergarments are paid little attention, especially in the case of men’s sexy underwear. And there are so many of them!

Here’s a little insight into the essential underwear every man needs to have in their wardrobe.

1.    Briefs

A vast majority of men own a couple of pairs of briefs. They are daily underwear that is available in a variety of rises and styles and is suitable for mild sports and everyday activities. They provide full coverage but do not cover or confine the thighs or legs. Hence, they are both comfortable and versatile. These briefs are designed for people who require extra support to keep things in place but don’t want the additional fabric that boxers have.

2.    Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are also ideal for everyday wear. They are often made of a soft fabric combination such as cotton and spandex. Therefore, they work really well beneath athletic clothing for moderate athletic sports. They typically have a keyhole fly; however, this is not their distinguishing characteristic. In fact, boxer briefs come with a range of features such as:

  • Moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Odor guards
  • Waist-minimizing waistbands
  • Butt enhancing cuts
  • Package boosting pouches

3.    G-Strings

G-strings are the definition of men’s sexy underwear. They essentially only cover the bare minimum. They consist of a thin strip of cloth that attaches a pouch to a waistband. The buttocks are completely exposed. Men who don’t want to go commando under their pants may want to opt for G-string underwear instead. Nevertheless, these are generally reserved only for men in certain professions and not for the faint of the heart.

4.    Men’s Bikini Briefs

Men’s bikini briefs often do not have flys or waistbands. They’re typically utilized for leisure and sunbathing. They are also frequently worn by bodybuilders. Bikini briefs contain more material than G-strings and are, therefore, more appropriate for public wear.

Furthermore, men’s bikinis are intended for display rather than exercise. That is, they are not designed to reduce drag inside the water or to improve swimming efficiency.

5.    Long Johns

Long johns became popular among men in the nineteenth century due to their thermal properties. Its rear flap, sometimes known as a fireman’s flap, access hatch, or drop seat, was also extremely popular for those working outdoors.

Long Johns are often marketed in two-piece sets, top, and bottom, and are made of light, form-fitting material that helps wick away moisture from the skin. Long johns also keep people warm in cold weather conditions and are thus an ideal winter investment.

Underwear is an essential part of one’s closet. It is a piece of clothing closest to one’s body; hence, it must fit well and be made of the highest quality fabric. Moreover, one needs to own a range of them since different outfits and occasions call for a different style.

While a regular day out calls for boxer briefs and trunks, a more complicated outfit may require men’s sexy underwear like G-string or bikini briefs. Further, winters call for long johns along with other warm layers.

So head into a store today and pick out whatever the closet is missing!

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