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5 Essential Signs Your Gas Heater Needs Servicing  


Gas heaters have been used extensively for months and even years, but they might wear down after a while. You might understand this when you don’t receive sufficient heating for your home. It might be a cause of concern. 

Is your heater emitting foul smells? Or is it making strange noises? Then it’s time to get it repaired and serviced. It is vital as avoiding the problems might worsen them. As a result, your gas heater might not be in a position to be repaired later on. 

The article talks about the signs that indicate you need to call a gas heater service expert immediately.  

Insufficient Heating 

Have you turned on the gas heater, but there’s still insufficient heat? It might be the first sign that the heater needs servicing. There might be something it is repeating the normal functioning of the device. 

It can be dirt, grime or damaged ductwork that’s preventing your heater from reaching the maximum temperature. So, you’ll not receive enough heat, and the heater’s condition might deteriorate gradually. 

You must not wait and call a servicing expert to prevent further damage.  

Unusual Noises 

Another reason to call a service expert is when your heater makes strange noises. You might be hearing these noises whenever you’re switching on the heater. As there are multiple components of the device, you may be unable to detect the source by yourself.

For instance, there might be a problem with the fan belt, and it might break off suddenly. Or, you might hear a buzzing sound that can indicate a problem with the electrical components in the connections. 

In both cases, you must not try to fix it yourself, as it can worsen the problem. You can stop using the device for a while until it is prepared by a professional.    

Increased Electricity Bills 

Is there a surprising increase in your monthly electric bills? Even if you don’t believe it, your heater might be the culprit! Think about how long this has been happening, and keep it in mind. 

Dirty filters or loose parts in the gas heater might make the machine work slowly. It might lead to excessive consumption of electricity, which causes a spike in your bills.  

Unpleasant Smells

Whenever you turn on the device, do you experience an annoying smell? These smells might be mild at first but can get worse in the future. If you ignore it, the gas heater might suffer internal damage, which might not be repairable. 

These foul smells might be due to burnt electrical components, frayed wires or a blocked drain pan. It is recommended that you shut down the device and get professional help to get rid of these smells.  

Additionally, keep a note of when the device has been giving off unpleasant odours.

Problems Starting the Device

It is possible that you face problems starting the device. Even if you can get it started, it might not keep running for long. Moreover, the heater might quickly turn on and suddenly turn off. 

This problem is called short cycling and prevents your heater from reaching the desired temperature. As a result, you don’t get sufficient heat, and it causes internal damage to the machine. In addition, it can wear down the device and its internal components over time. 

If you face any of the problems discussed, you must get in touch with a gas heater service professional. It will allow you to improve the condition of your gas heater and save electricity bills. Moreover, it can prevent possible electrical accidents that harm you and your family.

When the professional arrives, you can ask for tips to maintain the device at home. 

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